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Hi-Loks®, Hi-Lites®, and Hi-Tigues®

The Hi-Lok® fastening system (HL part number prefix) consists of two mating parts; a precision threaded pin, and an internally threaded collar (sold separately). This system is designed to deliver high-fatigue resistance without loss of strength in a reliable, efficient, all-around fastening system. Installation in difficult access conditions is quite easy with the Hi-Lok® system, and a wide range of sizes and material combinations make it a versatile solution for many aerospace structural assemblies.

In applications where a modulated interference fit is needed, Hi-Tigue® fasteners (HLT part number prefix) offer most all of the benefits of the Hi-Lok® fastening system, along with a proprietary bead design that significantly improves the fatigue performance of the assembled joint.

The optimized thread design on the Hi-Lite® fastening system (HST part number prefix) allows the overall length of the pin to be reduced while maintaining the same grip capability and strength level as those of the Hi-Lok® system upon which it is based. This optimization reduces the installed weight of this two-piece by as much as 15% compared to the traditional Hi-Lok® fastener design. Where assembly applications are weight critical, the Hi-Lite® system is an excellent candidate.

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NOTE: Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, and Hi-Tigue® are registered trademarks of Hi-Shear Corporation.